About Me

About Me                                                   Sarah Houghton

From the early 1990’s I studied Tai Chi under Master Moy Lin Shin within the Taoist Society in New Zealand.  After two years as a student I became a volunteer instructor in the Bay of Plenty, North Island New Zealand.

Being in my mid 20s, I had the time to devote lots of hours to my practice and taught many classes at various levels.  I attended national workshops and Master Moy travelled from Canada with instructors  to lead some of these.  I also attended his workshops in Australia and Canada.

After living in the UK for some time I returned to New Zealand and then took up some further Tai Chi study under Dr Paul Lam from Australia.  I went through his teachers training program and attended workshops in both Sydney and here in NZ.  His various forms are carefully modified for all body types and I became involved with the NZ ACC Falls Prevention programme where I was teaching subsidised Tai Chi classes to seniors.

I did additional Pilates Teaching training and opened my own studio here in Timaru in 2005 where I taught both Pilates and Tai Chi/Qigong classes.  During this time I also attended a workshop by Master Gary Khor from Australia with his Shibashi Tai Chi Qigong and other modules.

From 2012 I took a break from teaching exercise.  My awakening to all things spiritual then became stronger and I studied under Amanda Ellis (UK) in 2017 completing her Metatron Colour Healing Level 1 & II. 

I returned to teaching Tai Chi in 2021, when I started a class at Mountain View Village, sharing this with my Mum who has recently moved to the area. I have recently completed certificates in Spring Forest Qigong.